Patient Controlled Analgesia

PCA is an interactive method of pain management that permits patients to manage their pain by self-administering doses of analgesics, usually opioids.
All PCA machines allow for the setting of the following parameters: demand (bolus) dose, lockout interval, hourly limit, continuous (basal) infusion, and rescue (loading) dose.
Unfortunately, PCA errors represent a four-fold higher risk than other reported medication errors.

Dreamed by Sophie Schmitt, and sponsored by "SUDIOSANTE®", here is the application for iPhone that ensures perfect control setup of a PCA machine.

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PCA calculator

"PCA calculator" is the new application for nursing facilities or liberal, involved in combating against pain and in the management of opioid PCA of their patient.
The main interest is to know as quickly as possible and accurately how to complete your cassettes of opioids.
"PCA Calculator" allows you to enter rapidly and intuitively prescribed by your doctor and your own data to calculate the parameters for programming your pump PCA.
So you can easily choose the most suitable ampoules to do your dilution.
The application also provides greater security by alerting you in case of errors or continious flow too low.

Better than words, you can simulate the operation of the application by clicking on the image.
Good discovery.

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