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Team creates, develops and implements mobile applications designed to meet professional requirements.

Available applications

  • Anesthesia consultation

    Anesthesia consultation

    This is a must for every anesthesiologist.
    Make your pre-anesthetic consultation easily in all circumstances.

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  • PCA calculator

    ICU MD

    Medical application of "ICU MD" gives you through your iPhone the possibility to follow patients being in intensive care unit with explicit images.
    This is an interactive application that allows to identify actions analysis and decision-making.

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  • PCA calculateur

    PCA calculator

    "PCA calculator" is the new application for nursing facilities or liberal, involved in combating against pain and in the management of opioid PCA of their patient.
    The main interest is to know as quickly as possible and accurately how to complete your cassettes of opioids.
    "PCA Calculator" allows you to enter rapidly and intuitively prescription by your doctor and your own data to calculate the parameters for programming your pump PCA.
    So you can easily choose the most suitable ampoules to plan your dilution.

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