ICU Medical Doctor

"ICU Medical Doctor" is a specific application for doctors in the intensive care unit.
With only your iPhone in your poket, you have permanently the most recentes informations about your patients.

Transmitting instructions and sharing them with medical persons have never been so easy !

"ICU MD" gives you the opportunity to collect intuitively and quickly the necessary informations represented through icon's shape.
"ICU MD" also permits to display for all the resuscitation unit:
- acts to be realized or to be checked ;
- lists of emergencie's patients or lists of patients who need a specific attention.

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View a patient file



  • Overview of parameters for each patient
    • The essential information of a patient are grouped in one view.
      It is therefore easier to analyze situation, and examinations to see and do are clearly visible.
  • Information management
    • The transmission of instructions in a garde is greatly facilitated:
      - Faster to pass;
      - safer; (pas de risque d'oublis) ;
      - priorities are clearly defined, etc.
  • Get informations Quick and intuitive for patient files


"ICU MD" can to acquire to each patient resuscitation

  • the bed or room number or box (differentiable units) ;
  • the date of entry, (Automatic calculation of the number hospital days in the form J+n) ;
  • pattern or the pathology of entry;
  • the status of the patient in the form of symbols;
  • dysfunction in the form of 4 icons;
  • the actions to realize or examinations to see in the form of 4 icons;
  • treatment in the form of 4 icons;
  • specific notes in a free field.

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Patient data input Selecting dysfunction List of patients in the ward List of examinations per patient to see or to do