Anesthesia consultation

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Anesthesia consultation is an application that allows Anesthesiologists to realise complete pre-anesthesia consultation on iPad or iPhone.

Anesthesia consultation

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Why you’ll love the application?

Anesthesia consultation delivers a complete intraoperative anesthesia record that supports quality medical databases.

Everything you do with the application is easier and more intuitive.

Keyboard use is minimized and most actions are with just a tap.

Customize the app easily and make it yours.

Overview of consultation report

View of report

The app offers comprehensive consultation reports with medical history, physical exam and synthesis.

You can also generate patient agreement as well as letter to the treating physician and other anesthesiologist notes.

The various documents are automatically merged into one PDF file.
The format PDF is a file format used to present documents in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems that guarantees sustainability and reliability over the long term.

folder icone Features of consultation report

•  Patient record, including surgery type, operating surgeon and intervention date

•  Details of the patient’s medical history, including previous medical conditions, surgeries, medications, and allergies

•  Physical examination findings

•  Request for additional exams, including specialist consultation

•  Laboratory data and results of exams

•  Synthesis of the patient’s condition, including ASA Physical Status, type of anesthesia, technical processing, difficulties, pre-operative treatment, and notes

Screen of consultation

You can store all your files and access them anywhere

As an iPad owner, you can use iCloud to keep all your files and they’re easily accessible from any of your devices.

With professional messaging, you can store your files online.
This is the simplest and lasting solution to keep the files, share them with colleagues and that can also be managed by the Administrative Service.

folder icone General features

•  Interface optimized for each mobile device platform

•  All texts and medical datas are customizable

•  Multi-accounts management with personal datas of anesthetist

•  Possibility of protect accounts and PDF files

•  Ability to automatically archive PDF files, which can be used by connecting it to the computer

•  Backing up and restoring datas

•  Add another language swappable at any time   [English / Français] is already available